Crystal Jewellery By Crown

Welcome to the home page of Crystals By Crown. We sell crystal jewellery without the premium price tag. As we believe luxury should be affordable.

Our unique natural crystal collections are not only beautiful statement pieces, but they also offer healing. Such as strengthening your intuition and spiritual ability. Whilst cleansing your aura, and clearing negativity . As well as helping you stay calm. Each different crystal has its own amazing healing properties.

Designer Brands

Natural gemstones are even used by some of the top designers such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

Many experts and even celebrities have the opinion that crystals hold positive and uplifting energy. They believe that it can flow into us and help us to stay calm as well as heal our bodies and rid us of toxins. Each crystal has its own vibrational frequency. Furthermore, these beautiful gemstones have been treasured by humans for many centuries.

Celebrity Crystal Fans

Stevie Nicks even sang about ‘crystal visions” with Fleetwood Mac. Not only this but did you know that Adele keeps crystals in her hand whilst she is preforming on stage! Kylie Jenner is also said to be a huge fan of crystals!

The Perfect Gift

Whether you are looking for a great looking fashion accessory or you are mad on crystals like us! You are sure to find the perfect piece of crystal jewellery for yourself, or as a gift for that special someone.

Please browse our shop to find the perfect crystal necklace match for you. We also sell silver fashion jewellery such as Manifestation Charm Bracelet Silver and Silver Necklace with Angel & Believe  .As well as including a FREE crystal and pouch with every order!

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