Aquamarine Crystal Chakra Bracelet

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This beautiful aquamarine crystal chakra bracelet encourages acceptance; Inspires calm energy and tranquillity. It also promotes creativity reduces stress as well as anxiety and fear.

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Crystal Bracelet

Aquamarine Crystal chakra bracelet.


The specific healing properties of Aquamarine crystal are that it encourages acceptance and inspires calm energy and tranquillity. Also, it promotes creativity within you, reducing stress and anxiety and fear and balancing emotions and inner peace. This beautiful crystal is a sign of friendship, not to mention reigniting love and passion in a marriage. In regards to physical issues, aquamarine eases an upset stomach.

This crystal helps help sore throats, swollen glands as well as thyroid issues.  It regulates hormones and growth, as well as boosting your immune system and improving allergies. It is also said to be good for helping sight.

Aquamarine crystals are found in Brazil, Africa and Madagascar, as well as in Pakistan and Russia.


Chakras are energy centres within the body.

  • Red Crystal:  root chakra links to the adrenal glands
  •  Orange Crystal:  Sacral chakra links to creativity and expression
  •  Yellow Crystal:  Solar plexus chakra links to intellect
  • Green Crystal: Heart chakra links to wellbeing and nature
  •  Blue Crystal: throat chakra links to serenity
  • Indigo Crystal:  third eye chakra links to higher consciousness
  • Purple Crystal:  crown chakra links to spirituality

This beautiful aquamarine and chakra crystal bracelet will make a great accessory to any outfit.

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