Malachite Crystal Necklace

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Necklace with green healing crystals for absorbing negative energy, unblocking chakras and balancing emotional energy. Free crystal with every order.



Natural Crystal Jewellery

Malachite Healing Crystal

In addition to being a beautiful rich green, the malachite green healing crystal necklace also helps to unblock chakras, open the heart, and connect to Spirit. Furthermore, it can absorb negativity and balance out emotions.

This unique stone is often found in Egypt. However, it can also be mined from Australia, Russia and the Amazon, including the USA, South Africa and Chile.

Physical Healing Properties

This beautiful crystal helps with physical health issues such as healing broken bones and lowering blood pressure.


It is an excellent stone to have around at work. It works to reduce noise. Not to mention, it can protect you from negative vibrations from electrical appliances—for example, microwaves, televisions, and phones. The malachite crystal necklace is an excellent addition to any outfit and provides protection when you need it.

Reiki Healed Green Crystal Necklace

 Reiki healing energy infuses this necklace. To help you manifest your desires.

Would you please ensure that you contact a health professional about any health concerns and purchase any crystal jewellery?

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