Pink Jade Crystal Moonstone Necklace

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Pink jade can be used to help many concerns such as preventing fatigue and helping asthma. The other crystal included on this necklace is moonstone. This is the stone of new beginnings.

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Pink Jade Crystal Moonstone Necklace. Pink jade is not the most popular pink gemstone we all think of when we think pink crystal. However, it is more powerful than rose quartz and is equally as beautiful. The health benefits of this gorgeous stone include eliminating toxins as well as calming the nervous system. Pink jade can also be used to help many concerns such as extending life, preventing fatigue. Furthermore, it is also great for healing asthma and blood diseases, detoxifying the kidneys as well as relaxing muscles. It is also good for stabilising emotions whilst helping you calm and sleep better. Not only this but it has also been said to heal the heart.


The other stone included in this beautiful long statement necklace is moonstone. The stone of new beginnings. It facilitates the reduction of stress and feelings of anxiousness. It can be used to improve intuition. Moonstone is a great tool for any person who would like to reflect on previous situations to learn life lessons from. Not only that but It is also effective as a manifesting tool.

Additionally, this stunning unique pink jade and moonstone necklace can be worn for many different occasions day or night and is sure to catch the attention of those around you! It is super easy to wear as it is long and does not require a fastener. Simply slip it over y our head and go!

Moreover, pink jade was allegedly imported from Burma to China in the 1800s. Whereas moonstone traditionally comes from Sri Lanka but can also be found in the USA, Brazil, Australia and Madagascar.

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