Purple Crystal Necklace

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This beautiful natural handmade crystal necklace is an fantastic statement piece for any outfit. Additionally calming and healing the mind body and soul. Check out some of our other products Pink Crystal Moon Bracelet Pink Agate Necklace With Heart.



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This beautiful pastel purple crystal necklace has many healing properties.

Lavender Jade Crystal Necklace

Lavender Jade is the stone of spiritual cleansing. It is a brilliant crystal to use during meditations. As well as helping in releasing pessimism and anger.

Jade is the stone of calm during a storm. It balances nerves and also helps with your heart rhythm. It is a fabulous crystal to wear as it helps with recharging your energy.

Another great property of this gemstone is that it helps fight against illness. Additionally, Jade is brilliant for healing feelings of guilt.


This beautiful paste pale stone helps with emotional stability. As well as enhancing feelings of love including self-love. Additionally, promoting feelings of safety and security. Like rose quartz, this pretty crystal helps comfort you in times of grief and loss.

Pink Agate

Agate crystal is perfect for helping with reducing stress. whilst providing a sense of security and comfort. It is an excellent crystal to promote love between parents and children.

Pink agate is also great for boosting your self-confidence. Along with helping with mental clarity, strength and reducing anger.

Druzy Agate

Druzy agate is a beautiful glittery crystal. This dazzling gemstone generates wonderful feelings of creativity as well as healing for your mind body and soul.


Moonstone is known as the crystal of new beginnings. It is the stone of inner growth and also strength. It reduces emotional uncertainty and stress. As well as alleviating emotions and offering calmness.  Moonstone crystal improves instinct, encourages creativity, success as well as prosperity. It helps the digestive system, eradicates toxins and fluid retention. Furthermore improves conditions of skin, hair, eyes, liver and pancreas.  It balances hormonal cycles which makes it great for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breast-feeding.

These crystals are usually found in Brazil. However, you can also find them in Africa, USA, Europe, and Mexico.

This beautiful purple crystal necklace would make any outfit stand out from the crowd. Free crystal with every order.

All crystal jewellery is infused with reiki. As well as of lots of positive energy.

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