Rose Quartz Necklace with Heart

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Rose quartz is the stone of love. It is a powerful crystal for anyone wanting to bring more love into their life. This crystal’s properties link to the heart chakra.



Rose Quartz Necklace With Heart. Rose quartz is the stone of love. It is a powerful crystal for anyone wanting to bring more love into their life. This crystal necklace’s properties link to the heart chakra. Which is called the centre of love. It promotes unconditional love and compassion.

Quartz is a great relationship Crystal. It helps with promoting love. Such as romance, friendship, and family. Most importantly self-love.

Emotional Properties

From an emotional point of view, this stone can help calm you after traumatic events. As well as helping with the grieving process and balancing out your emotions. Especially soothing a broken heart. Furthermore, it is great for forgiveness and trust.

If you are holding onto negativity rose quartz can help you replace negative feelings with positive ones. Its healing properties can help you appreciate and accept past circumstances. This allows your heart to heal from emotional issues.

Rose quartz Is also great for improving some health conditions. Such as strengthening the heart muscle. Regulating blood pressure. As well as stabilising an irregular heartbeat. Besides helping with fertility.

This rose quartz necklace with a heart is a great choice of gift for someone you love. Such as a partner or a best friend to show them just how much they mean to you.

Not only is this a great gift for others it is also a fantastic fashion accessory for yourself!

Found in the Following Countries

This beautiful pink crystal is found in Madagascar, Brazil, India, the United States as well as many other places. Rose Quartz that is from Madagascar is said to be the highest vibrational and the deepest in colour.

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