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Rough Green Labradorite Necklace

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This rough green labradorite necklace is a magical link to the spirit world. A place where anything is possible.



This rough green labradorite necklace crystal is a magical link to the spirit world. A place where anything is possible. Whereas other stones keep us grounded to the earth with their powerful effects. Labradorite inspires us to” keep our head in the clouds”. It encourages you to “reach for the stars” in your pursuit for higher consciousness.

Properties of Rough Green Labradorite

It connects the spiritual and physical reality so that your ambitions do not seem so hard to achieve. Labradorite crystals are one of the most powerful stones. They can support you to go after what you really want in life without any limits.

This beautiful colour changing crystal is also great for protection. It shields your aura from any negative energy and also psychically. Not only does it protect but it also increases your psychic ability. Therefore, is great for anyone who is spiritual.

Labradorite is brilliant for stimulating intuition and intelligence. Furthermore, it is fantastic stone for reducing anxiety and stress as well as calming monkey mind. A rough labradorite necklace is a great accessory for the busy professional with a lot on their mind.

This gorgeous stone also has health benefits. It is great for bones, brain, spinal cord. A well as the eyes and also the nerves. This rough green labradorite necklace is good for stimulating the throat chakra. It colour shines brown, green, blue and yellow. This is truly as stunning gemstone especially when the light hits it.

As this gem shines so many different colours in the light it is the perfect fashion accessory for any outfit. Additionally for any occasion day or night.

Rough green labradorite can be found in many countries such as; Canada, Norway, Madagascar, China, Australia, Slovakia and also the USA.

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